Mondragon Rifle

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Overview: The first gas operated semiautomatic rifle was designed in the late 1890s by a Mexican
Army General named Manuel Mondragon. Granted a patent by the US government, but unable to find a
manufacturer in the western hemisphere, Mondragon finally enlisted the aid of the venerable Swiss
firm of SIG in 1908. Originally the 7mm Mauser caliber rifle was intended for the Mexican Army,
but deliveries had hardly begun when dictator Porfirio Diaz was overthrown, and the new regime
cancelled the balance of the order. Left with an inventory of more than 7000 rifles, SIG vainly
tried to unload them on a skeptical arms market. When World War One erupted, the new German Air
Force purchased the remaining rifles to arm their scout planes. When machinegun synchronisation
gear was introduced into airplanes in early 1916, the remaining Mondragon guns were withdrawn and
sent to the German Navy, which used them until the end of the war.

Weapon Stats:
  Nation of Origin: Mexico/Switzerland
  Tech Level: 4
  Ammo: 7.2x56.76mm-5
  Muzzle Energy: 2983 Joules
  Weapon Length: 108.3 cm
  Weapon Weight: 4.294 kg empty, 5.462 kg loaded
  Weapon Price: Cr 791
  Magazine Weight: 0.473 kg empty, 1.168 kg loaded
  Magazine Price: Cr 4.74
  Ammo Price: Cr 0.47 (Ball)
  Ammo Weight: 23.17 Grams
  Features: None

Rnd    ROF   Dam Val    Pen Rtg    Blk    Mag    Recoil    Shrt Rng
Ball    SA      4        2-Nil      7      30      3          120

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